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Recover Hope 2022 End of Year Campaign

What if it were YOU

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What If It Were You

Your world has just turned upside down. The loss of a loved one, spouse, job, or relationship can change the world you are comfortable in, in a second.

What now?

As you try to absorb the enormity of your situation and determine how to navigate the here and now, emotional chaos is the rule of the land. You numbly put one foot in front of the other, the grocery store, the mall, school, the post office.

Lurking in the shadows is a predator well versed in recognizing vulnerable victims. They initiate contact with you, lure you into believing they are the only one who cares about you. Enter the Trafficker. You are desperate for someone who understands. The grooming of trust happens over days or maybe weeks.

Then the REAL Nightmare begins. All of a sudden you are being sold for sex 10-20 different buyers a day. Your trafficker plies you with drugs to create compliance or you take them to numb the horrors of what is being done to you.

One day you overdose and land in the hospital or you are arrested for prostitution, drug dealing, or another nonviolent crime, all in the name of surviving Today. There are no local safe houses to accommodate you so you languish in jail awaiting trial, a window of hope or opportunity, anything to mark the beginning of the nightmare's end..

This story is not an actual victim, but it includes the components of so many stories I have heard from Human Trafficking Victims/Survivors.

What if you or a loved one were the YOU in this story?

Recover Hope invites you to engage with us to bring Awareness to prevent another victim from rising up, and to sooner than later provide a free 2-year residence for Human Trafficking Survivors as they navigate the healing and restoration from the Trauma they have endured.

Our prayer is you will dig deep and consider Recover Hope for your End of Year Giving to fulfil your year's goal, and/or engage monthly as we shift into 2023.

Ways to Give select Donate

Check payable to Recover Hope mailed to PO Box 2455 Chester, VA 23831

Employer Match send us the paperwork and we will get it done.

PayPal select Recover Hope, Inc

United Way approved for non 3rd party giving or ask your employer to include Recover Hope on their list or preferred recipients

Our goal is to help make our communities of Chesterfield, the Tri-Cities and beyond a safer and better place. Won't you join us?

On behalf of the Recover Hope Team we wish you a blessed Christmas, New Year, Hanukkah, Kwanza and any others we may have missed.

Linda Hawkins